What is Socioconomy?

Social Effects of IT on Economies and Society

Rapid Advancement in technology dramatically affects the world around us. How business is conducted depends on rapidly changing social norms and technologies that lead to change. Technology changes society and re-designs the very planet we live on. We explore issues and technologies that bring change about.

The term Socioconomy is derived from integrating Socioeconomy and Digital Transformation, or d!conomy.

Socioeconomics (also called social economics) is the social science that studies the effect of economic activity on society. Digital Transformation refers to the consequences of advances in digital technology and how it’s transforming the way we learn, work and leisure. The current digital transformation rapidly affects all facets of the economy and society as we know it. This site, therefore, explores innovative technologies and how they impact on organizations and daily lives.

With the advances of technology being a global issue, with the introduction of the internet of things, AI, machine learning, virtualization, robotics and biotech, everyone is affected.

Because these days, technology is the major driver for social change, progress, stagnation or regression depends on its use (and miss-use). A consequence of this is that reaction and sentiment within society and organizations also affect the bottom line of the organization. Ultimately use or utility depends on how technology is perceived. How digital transformation is represented by the company and the individual is paramount to success.

In the past, society and progress depended mainly on regional economies. These days, there are few regional economies that are not affected by global dictates and influences. Being prepared is being ahead.

This site is therefore dedicated to understanding the impact of trending technologies, of technological progress and breakthroughs. To assess its implication on organizations and people.

Articles on the study of technology and how it will impact economic, social and business development are to be published here. If you wish to contribute, contact us at info@socioconomy.com


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